An Ode: To Quiet Time

Some days just don’t go well. 

Today was one of those days. Let’s just say that THINGS WENT WRONG.

So I made up a song – to the tune of O Christmas Tree. I know it’s August (don’t ask.)

I’m not a professional songwriter, but this little ode to our mom-mandated afternoon “Quiet Time” came very easily today, let me tell you: Image

I cook breakfast most every day 

Toast, bacon, eggs and cheese

Then by the time I clean it up

They’re asking for a snack please
Orange juice and yogurt on the floor 

There’s gum stuck to the kitchen door
Oh Quiet Time, oh Quiet Time

Your hour is so inviting.


They dropped popcorn down in the couch

There’re kernels everywhere

Somebody left the scissors out

So someone cut their hair

They broke a lamp they slammed the door

Dropped eggs all over my clean floor

Oh Quiet Time, oh Quiet Time

I wait for you all day. 

They poked an eye and bruised an arm

And then they skinned a knee

They banged their head, they lost a tooth, 

They fell out of a tree
 The 2-year-old can’t help himself
Yanked every book down off the shelf

Oh Quiet Time, oh Quiet Time

When will you ever come? 


Pee in the hall and on the wall

This kid can’t seem to aim

The soup I tried to make for lunch

Has burst right into flames

The dog keeps barking off his head
 Someone is jumping on the bed

Oh Quiet Time, oh Quiet Time

Please get here if you can….

 They tracked in footprints made of mud

They spilled a vat of juice

Dumped glitter in the microwave 

And clomped around like moose

I’ll count my losses, close the door
 Collapse onto the bedroom floor
Oh Quiet Time, oh Quiet Time

Please give this mom a break!

 2:30 has finally come

I can’t believe it’s here

If there’s no fire or broken bones

You’d better disappear

Call me a bad mom, I don’t care

I’m ready to pull out my hair

Oh Quiet Time, oh Quiet Time

This hour is so inviting!


My nerves are fried, I need a nap

My patience is all gone

I need a moment to regroup 

So please leave Mom alone…

To check Facebook or watch TV

Or read a book – or two or three

Oh Quiet Time, oh Quiet Time

I’ve missed you, missed you so.


I love my kids, they know I do

But Mommy needs a break

A bubble bath, a Hershey bar

And maybe a cupcake

So close your mouths and shut my door – 

“Nice Mom” will be back after 4:00

Oh Quiet Time, oh Quiet Time

I love you oh so much!


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